Training – Dissemination

Training Objectives:

  • Develop a powerful knowledge community around technological topics (telecommunications, sensors, home automation, programming, electronics).
  • Facilitate that companies, mainly SMEs, can take advantage of the knowledge generated to export solutions to other places, supported by the developments made within the framework of the project.
  • To create in La Palma a center of knowledge and training of international reference in risk management, which in the long term can generate an industry around the subject of risk.

And in all this process to count on the collaboration of the educational and training centers of the island, with the business sectors (CEPYME, Chamber of Commerce, FEMETE, etc).

  • LegoLeague -February-March 2016-.
  • Scratch La Palma Day (Google Developer Group La Palma) -April 9, 2016-.
  • 3D printers -continued-
  • Arduino course (Open platform for integrated robotics and programming systems) -march-april 2016-
  • Electric Vehicle Fair – VIVE la Palma 2016 – July 09, 2016-.
  • Transparency and Open Data Day -July 21, 2016-.
  • OpenData La Palma Awards -July 2016-.
  • 3rd Conference on Intelligent Island Territories -October 2016-.
  • Fiber Optic Fiber Installer -November 2016-
  • Hackathon -December 2016
  • Data Journalism Workshop (coming soon)
  • Drone Pilot (coming soon)
  • Domotics (coming soon)
  • SCADA systems (coming soon)
  • Use of new technologies (coming soon)
  • Intelligent lighting (coming soon)
  • Lego Mindstorms (coming soon)
  • Codecraft (coming soon)