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¿What is La Palma Smart Island?

La Palma Smart Island is a project run by the  Digital Transformation Service of the Cabildo Insular of La Palma.

Its objective is to provide the island with technologies that will allow a more efficient management of our resources, services and infrastructures, creating interaction spaces between citizens, companies and administrations.


Services for population and tourists Social integration
Improve life quality
Sustainable development


Smart island
United island
Use of new technologies
Promote tourism


Citizen participation
Improve life quality
Use of ICT
Optimize resource management
Sustainable development
La Palma as a safe destination
Use of renewable energies

La Palma Smart Island project has a budget of
and development is expected to take place in
4 years


In order to achieve its transformation towards the Smart Island model, La Palma must assume a series of challenges on which to sustain, define and develop the projects in the coming years.

Smart Mobility

passengers by sea
passengers by air
tourists during the year 2020

Clean La Palma

The island must bet on the development of sustainable mobility, which allows it to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, promoting electric and emission-free mobility on La Palma.

Intermodal La Palma

The combination of different means of transport available on the island and on which to bet as measures to reduce pollution is a challenge to be assumed as a Smart Island. The bicycle, public transport or shared vehicles, along with the infrastructures that accompany them, are agents present in the development of an intelligent territory.

Efficient La Palma

In the fight to guarantee sustainable development, the island must act in the most efficient way possible. In this sense, the processes and the use of energy must be optimized to guarantee and meet this challenge in La Palma.

Sustainable La Palma

La Palma as a Biosphere Reserve has an immovable challenge, that of guaranteeing the sustainable development of the island while preserving its biological and cultural diversity, its landscapes, and its nature.

Smart Environment

0 %
protected surface
0 MWh
electrical energy produced
0 MWh
wind energy produced

Smart Economy


Enterprising La Palma

The island must promote the development of the business ecosystem on the island, in a way that increases the capacities of the island and generates employment for the population, reducing the flight of talent.

Reactive La Palma

With the crisis generated by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano, it is time to value all the activities that differentiate the island and provide it with added value that allows the current damaged business models to be modified.

Near La Palma

In a world in which new technologies leave face-to-face treatment behind, and in which technological development advances faster than the population can advance, it is necessary to continue maintaining a close treatment with citizens and population, favoring their integration.

Agile La Palma

Times are getting faster, in this trend, La Palma must adjust and act with agility. Therefore, both the public and private sectors must show responsiveness and improve their efficiency.

Smart Governance

Cabildo de La Palma's budget

Smart People

students in university education
native residents

Qualified La Palma

The development of actions is of no use if the beneficiaries of them do not have sufficient capacities to take full advantage of them. For this reason, education in digital skills and initiatives that contribute to inclusion are vital.

United La Palma

As an island, La Palma becomes an ideal ecosystem for the development of a Smart Plan. Its geographical delimitation increases the importance of coordination between the different agents, promoting participation and the creation of synergies.

Accessible La Palma

As a destination, must be guaranteed some accessibility conditions  that allow the island to be considered an inclusive place where there are no barriers, neither for citizens nor for outsite visitors.

Connected La Palma

In order to develop the measures included in the plan, the island must have all the necessary infrastructure for the development of the actions to be successful.

Smart Living

health centers
0 km2
island surface


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