Smart Office

Through the Smart Island Office, the proposals and demands of all those involved, including citizens, companies and all those external agents, will be channeled and articulated.

Broadly speaking, it will be in charge of defining the evolution of the project, managing, controlling and monitoring the activities to be carried out. And also, to disseminate and promote the use of the technologies that will be implemented throughout the project between citizens and companies.

The office must be related to La Palma’s Council through a government model that allows the interrelation and fluid communication between both parties, so that the Council is always updated and informed of the progress of the project.

A space for citizenship

The Smart Office has several spaces suitable for meetings and training activities available to everyone free of charge. Reserve a room!

Office pictures



To plan

the strategy that will be carried out during the performance of the project. A 4-year Strategic Plan will be drawn up.


Manage and lead

the rest of the sections in charge of the Smart Office and the Smart Platform during the start-up and development of the entire project.


Monitoring and control

of the different activities of the project to ensure its correct execution and planning over time.



project information to all stakeholders: tourists, citizens, visitors, public entities, companies, etc. A Communication Plan will be implemented.



the project by creating a corporate image for it and collaborating in events and activities within the same context.



to La Palma’s Council in the field of patents, licenses and publications.



with the interested parties who require it to collect their proposals and needs. As well as create an appropriate channel for this purpose.



to La Palma’s Council of the current status of the project, offering control of all its activities.