Smart Living

SWOT Analysis


  • Existence of “shadow” areas in terms of connectivity in some of the island’s municipalities.
  • Divided competences between Cabildo and Ayuntamientos sometimes generate inequalities.
  • Despite having high level sports events, some municipalities lack adequate sports facilities.
  • There are major housing problems in some municipalities, aggravated by the eruption of the volcano.


  • Rápida evolución de la tecnología frente a proceso lento de implantación.
  • Existencia de grandes superficies consideradas territorio protegido dificulta en ocasiones la implantación tecnológica en la isla. 
  • Incompatibilidades entre los softwares existentes puede generar retrasos y problemáticas.
  • Sector poblacional de personas mayores con dificultades para encontrarse bien atendidos en todo momento. 


  • Airport infrastructure well connected to other destinations.
  • Pioneer project at world level of a real-time geoportal that allows access to geographic information.


  • Growth in the demand for services through ICTs.
  • Implementation of technology associated with the La Palma Smart Island project will increase the quality of life of the island’s inhabitants.


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Favoring access to housing for disadvantaged people

Action plans


  • In some areas of La Palma there is poor network connectivity.
  • Large protected areas make it difficult to implement infrastructure.
  • Technology tends to evolve very quickly, so you have to be agile to ensure that it does not become obsolete before your installation is complete.
  • Software incompatibility.
  • To provide 100% of the island with a good quality connection that does not exclude inhabitants from its use.
  • Implement ICT infrastructures.
  • Generate innovative infrastructures, for example in the lighting system:
    • Adjustment of lighting intensity according to foot traffic.
    • Charging points for electric vehicles.
    • Wi-Fi signal emitters.
    • Renewable energy systems.

Improving quality of life

  • Sustainability seeks to meet current needs without compromising future capacities, and is concerned with ensuring a balance and development that can be maintained over time.
  • There is a particular concern to ensure the quality of life of the elderly, who often have dependency needs.
  • Follow-up of savings policies and the impact of users on the evolution of consumption by monitoring electricity consumption and other data that help identify system efficiency.
  • The implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) offers solutions and benefits to facilitate and improve the quality of life of the island’s inhabitants and companies, providing them with systems to control domestic tasks or detect emergency situations.



Accessibility in the territory is a factor that can be a barrier for many inhabitants, who find themselves excluded and with problems in their daily lives. It should be taken into account that a high percentage of the population is made up of the elderly and people with special needs or reduced mobility.

  • Identify areas of improvement for the island in terms of accessibility.
  • Projects aimed at obtaining accessibility certificates for municipal buildings.
  • Maintain accessible public spaces, allowing all citizens to enjoy them without barriers.
  • Ensure that mobility elements and transportation systems have accessibility certificates.

Facilitating access to housing


Having decent housing is a fundamental good in any territory. On the island, there is a housing problem, aggravated by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which has generated an exorbitant rise in housing prices, coupled with the low incorporation of new construction due to the lack of usable land.

  • Projects that allow the island’s inhabitants to have access to housing by generating new construction and regulating current activity.
  • Favorecer actuaciones destinadas a que existan mayores opciones con las que los habitantes de La Palma puedan disponer de lugares en los que residir.
  • Promote actions aimed at providing the inhabitants of La Palma with more options for having places to live.