Smart People

SWOT Analysis


  • Low level of knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) among citizens.
  • There is still little citizen participation in the actions carried out by the Public Administration.
  • Low use of e-Government services offered by the Public Administration by citizens.


  • Desconocimiento de los beneficios de la implantación de iniciativas inteligentes.
  • Lack of awareness of the benefits of implementing smart initiatives.
  • Lack of job opportunities and growth may encourage talent drain.


  • The Cabildo of La Palma, through the area of innovation, leads the digital transition of the island.


  • The development of the Smart Island project will favor the creation of synergies between the agents present on the island.
  • Formación impartida en el proyecto Smart Island mejora las posibilidades de capacitación de los habitantes de La Palma.
  • Training provided as part of the Smart Island project improves training opportunities for the inhabitants of La Palma. 


Reducing the wage gap 
0 %
Increase by
0 %
the number of digital nomads 
digital nomads on the island
Increase advanced computer skills a
0 %
Increase spending on innovation by
0 %

Action plans

Educated citizenship


Given the low level of knowledge of ICT by citizens and the benefits of the implementation of smart initiatives on the island, which influence a low involvement in terms of e-government and the capabilities of the population of La Palma, it is necessary to influence to reverse these factors.

  • Training courses that allow the integration of those inhabitants with less digital capabilities such as:
    • Digital literacy courses
    • Courses in digital confidence
    • Courses in e-Services and e-Government
  • Encourage training with study grants.
  • Prevent the island’s talent drain by improving the current training offer, for example, by identifying the most in-demand subjects.

Attracting talent


La falta de oportunidades laborales en la isla supone en muchas ocasiones una pérdida del talento de La Palma, que debe irse fuera en busca de retos profesionales y de trabajos que cubran sus expectativas.

  • Generar un ecosistema atractivo para profesionales formados garantizando una buena calidad de conexión a internet en la isla y espacios de trabajo como coworking.
  • Fomentar la creación o instalación de empresas basadas en la innovación generando empleo cualificado y de calidad en La Palma.



In recent years we have been committed to the development of policies that promote equality in different areas, including not only gender equality, but also the reduction of inequalities derived from differences in economic income or other conditions that place them at risk of social exclusion.

  • Reducing gender inequalities through programs.
  • Implementation of projects aimed at generating employment plans that guarantee equal opportunities for all, reducing social gaps and favoring inclusion.

Generate alliances


It is important that both the public and private sectors work together to achieve the maximum benefit and development of La Palma.

  • Encourage the development of a Smart ecosystem on the island, with actions such as those carried out through the Smart Office aimed at offering networking points and specialized training.
  • Attendance at trade fairs, congresses and events related to specific sectors that may involve alliances among its agents.
  • Projects that make use of public procurement. This provides the public sector with advanced solutions and, in turn, fosters innovation and competitiveness among companies.