HD Meteo live!

The weather in La Palma live

Project developed by El Cabildo de La Palma in collaboration with HDmeteo.com that implements dynamic maps based on data collected from all weather stations on the island of La Palma that have their data published on the web. The data are collected and centralized in an unified and normalized database from which various products of interest are developed, such as interpolation maps, maps developed in real time (with data capture intervals of 10 minutes). The maps currently available are Temperature (ºC), Humidity (%), Precipitation (mm/day) and Wind (Km/h). In addition, the responsive web application allows to “predict” conditions of locations without a weather station from very innovative interpolation methods, which take into account the relief, orientations and slopes.

“These maps are of great interest to various sectors such as tourism, environment, emergencies, sports or agriculture, as they give us a more accurate approximation of the conditions in a certain point of an island, such as La Palma, where conditions and microclimates change in a short space and time.”

Application easily integrated with other websites and applications