Strategic Plan

La Palma Smart Island aspires to become a holistic and integral platform for public-private collaboration that promotes local development through the digital transformation of the island.

The initial approach of La Palma Smart Island is based on the experience accumulated in recent years through the ANTARES Project, and through the Digital Transformation Service of La Palma’s Council in the development of certain verticals and pilot projects that have allowed us to test various market solutions.

In these years we have verified that the complexity of this type of projects is very great, and is based on a perfect integration between the different actors that are part of the system (Citizens, Tourists, entrepreneurs, Council’s technicians, Managers and Politicians). To address this, two main projects have been planned: the Smart Platform and the Smart Office.

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Sustainable development

One of the pillars of the project is to work on a sustainable development framework in all areas. For this, we have been taken into account the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the planning and implementation of the project.

The main objectives of the SDGs are “eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity“.

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Smart Island Platform

The Smart Island Platform will be a key element in the transformation of the island into a ‘Smart Island’. It constitutes the heart of the project, allowing all the components and functionalities to be interconnected, centralizing them in one place.

The platform will provide the public administration with a management, monitoring and control layer for the different services provided by La Palma’s Council directly or through other public and private organisations.

In addition, all the actions in which it is possible will be carried out taking into account the open data policy (Open Data) that favors the establishment of open and participatory innovation processes, as well as greater transparency in management.

Citizens will have access to the platform and its public functionalities (electronic office, open data, event notices, services for tourists, etc.) through the “La Palma en Tú Mano” mobile app, available soon for iOS and Android operating systems.

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La Palma Smart Island’s action plan is divided into 6 areas. Although they all have a common purpose, they differ in their lines of action and specific objectives, as well as the challenges that this implies for each of them.
Smart Movility
Smart Environment
Smart Economy
Smart Governance
Smart People
Quality of life
Smart Living