Objectives of La Palma Crowdfunding:


Until very recently, if someone wanted to get a project off the ground and needed financing, they had a number of generic options. Ask for a loan, a grant or cheat family or friends. Today, new options are being born, among them, crowdfunding, but what is crowdfunding, crowdfunding or micro-patronage?

Crowdfunding: “Collective cooperation, carried out by people networking to raise money or other resources, the Internet is often used to finance efforts and initiatives of other people or organizations”. Source: Wikipedia.

Crowdfunding was born from the first Open Source projects where developers initially offered their work in a disinterested way. Later, due to the success of their creations and also the work that this entailed, they began to ask for donations and the response was once again greater than expected. At that moment, between creators (who required funding) and users (who demanded creative projects and paid for them) Crowdfunding was born, crowdfunding, as a new option to finance, at first, creative project. Source: Wikipedia.

Nowadays, there are more and more crowdfunding websites and more and more projects financed through crowdfunding, which is a new revolution in all the sectors in which we move.

The types of projects that are financed through Crowdfunding continue to grow, from creative projects to solidarity and business projects.

How does crowdfunding work in general?

  • The entrepreneur (creative…) sends the project to the website. Indicating description, amount needed, fundraising time, rewards…
  • Some are valued by the community, others are valued by the web…
  • The project is published for a certain time, 30, 60, 90, 120 days.
  • It is promoted as much as possible.
  • End of the term. Financed or not.

This scheme can be greatly altered depending on the type of crowdfunding we are talking about: rewards, donations, investment or loans.

Crowdfunding according to Javier Martín ( is based on the idea that “People with money trust people with ideas and together they work to move a project forward”.

(Source: Universo Crowdfunding)