“Maps of La Palma” is a web application that brings together a large number of maps of the island of La Palma, which can be consulted from any device.

Objectives of Maps of La Palma:

In maps of La Palma citizens can consult a great variety of maps in a free and open way, it is organized by subject:

  • Map of the Transvulcania
  • Map of the Trail Network
  • Map of the Island Plan (PIOLP)
  • Public transport map
  • Map of waste containers and clean points
  • Map of public and private webcams
  • Map of the Infrastructure Survey
  • Map of the network of Astronomical Viewpoints
  • Map of the Meteorological Stations network
  • Map of the Assets of Cultural Interest (BIC)
  • Mountain Bike Network Map
  • Paragliding take-off and landing points map

In addition to web applications and mobile applications such as:

  • “Improve your island”, an app for citizen participation
  • “Patea La Palma”, trails app winner of the OpenData La Palma 2015 award for best app
  • “La Palma App”, trails app, winner of the OpenData La Palma 2015 accessit award
  • “Muévete”, app for the island of La Palma