The Cabildo will offer real time information on public transport service at bus stops

The Cabildo Insular de La Palma has put out to tender a project for the supply and installation of an information system for regular public transport users by means of information panels to be installed at 16 bus stops. The panels will display, in real time, the estimated arrival times of the bus at the bus stops in their surroundings, as well as other information related to the service.

The initiative is part of the global project La Palma Smart Island, which aims to gradually incorporate the use of communication technologies in the society of La Palma. The project has a base bidding budget of 220,000 euros, financed by the Canary Islands Development Fund in line 1 of Research, Development and Innovation.

The acting island councilor for New Technologies, Jorge González, and the acting island councilor for Transport, Laura Paz, agree in pointing out that “with this project, public transport by bus in La Palma continues to advance steadily on the path of an effective modernization of the service, which is taking shape in measures that favor comfort, information and interaction with users”.

The entry into operation of the information panels is subject to the new buses of the regular public transport service incorporating GPS systems this summer that allow the geolocation of the vehicles, so that the aforementioned information on route and schedule is offered. In addition, the company awarded the service, Transportes Insular La Palma (TILP), has already made available to users an application (app) for mobile devices in which this information can also be consulted.

To date, the Innovation, Projects and Information Society Service of the Island Council of La Palma has already installed, as a pilot project, two information panels of this type at the main bus stop in Santa Cruz de La Palma, at the island’s airport, and will soon install one at a bus stop in Los Cancajos, in Breña Baja.