The Cabildo and the EOI launches a collaborative work space “Coworking” for innovative entrepreneurs

“The objective of the coworking is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation on the Island, for this purpose a Group and Individual Training Project will be carried out within the framework of a Collaborative Workspace (Coworking)”.

The Innovation Service belonging to the New Technologies Area of the Cabildo de La Palma, headed by Councilor Jorge Gonzalez, in collaboration with the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), will launch a new coworking space in Santa Cruz de La Palma, based on a collaboration agreement recently signed by both corporations. The Coworking establishes the creation of a joint space for the establishment of previously selected entrepreneurs. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, while increasing the probability of success of innovative projects in a limited period of time, identifying those with the greatest potential for development. This will be achieved by increasing entrepreneurial skills and increasing the number of sustainable businesses and self-employment initiatives created, promoting self-employment, entrepreneurship and business creation, including micro, small and medium-sized innovative enterprises, and in the process fostering entrepreneurship and increasing the probability of success of entrepreneurial projects at an early stage of development over a limited period of time.

The first edition, which will open soon, will last 5 months and will accommodate a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 22 innovative projects. Those selected will be provided with a high-performance workspace, will receive 60 hours of training on entrepreneurship and project management, as well as personalized tutoring and mentoring for each project.

Throughout the editions of the Coworking project, different events will take place with the aim of promoting networking among entrepreneurs and other agents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this edition, a Demoday will be held in the final weeks in which the projects and their scope will be presented after the process carried out.

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