Antares project

The Antares Project is the hallmark of Innovation, Technology and Information Society of the Cabildo Insular de La Palma.

It is a commitment to diversify the island’s economy, creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in which a knowledge and technology-intensive business network can develop. An opportunity to approach new products, services and markets, as well as to be more competitive and innovative in a context of global economy. A commitment to generate a favorable environment for the creation and consolidation of new companies and for the development of new professional careers around R&D&I and the intensive use of technology; for citizens and Public Administrations, the opportunity to create a new space for broader, higher quality, more efficient and closer public services.

The Antares Project aims to provide the island of La Palma with favorable spaces, facilities, communications, services and environments that will add to the already existing conditions. The starting framework is that of a territory with a high concentration of research centers, endowed with an enormously favorable fiscal framework, a skilled and diverse human capital, made up of both residents and those who wish to return, enviable levels of quality of life, and finally, the connection via submarine cable to the main communication networks and nodes, which together with ICTs dilute the physical barriers of the territory. In this context, the project aims to serve as a catalyst for the creation of a dynamic and constant environment of opportunity, a space of great potential for the creation of new areas of personal, professional, social and business development.

Proyecto Antares depends on the Innovation, Projects and Information Society Service of the Cabildo Insular de La Palma. It was born from the hand of the “Sociedad Promotora del Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Isla de La Palma SL”, an instrumental entity of the Cabildo created to materialize the project in 2011, and dissolved in 2016.

The strategic objectives of the Antares Project are:

  • Value Chain Creation and Expansion
  • Personal Development and Mobility
  • Culture of Excellence and Innovation
  • Knowledge Society, Science and Technology
  • Capable, safe, efficient and competitive infrastructures.
  • Smart and Sustainable Island