New Virtual Events on La Palma

Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Digital Twin are concepts that are attracting a lot of attention. They refer to a type of experience in which users perceive the external world as a universe built on digital technologies as a different universe, a digital extension of our current universe, or a digital part of our current universe. These concepts are accompanied by new opportunities, new approaches, a different way of approaching reality. These technologies are already having a profound impact on our work, on our way of life, directly affecting various sectors and industries, reshaping the economy and our society. In these sessions you will be able to see first-hand some examples applied to various sectors of our island, and you will have the opportunity to interact and see the challenges and progress we are facing.

Stay informed about trends, news, standards, activities, and other initiatives driving innovation in this space, connect with companies and organizations that have a vested interest in the development and adoption of these technologies, and engage with us.

*Registration is required for this event*